• Australian Citizens

    Australian Citizens are eligible to apply to ACE Nursing however they do not meet the Health Workforce New Zealand (HWNZ) criteria for a funded NETP or NESP position.

    If you are an Australian Citizen and do not hold Permanent Resident Visa, your employer will not be automatically eligible for Health Workforce NZ funding. However, if successfully employed via ACE your position could be funded directly by your employer, or your employer could apply to HWNZ for an exemption to the residency status policy for trainee funding. For more information about the HWNZ exception to residency policy, please click here.

    Consult the Immigration NZ website to find out if you are eligible to apply for a Permanent Resident Visa

    If you are not eligible, let prospective employers know they may be able to apply to receive Health Workforce NZ funding for your position through the exceptions to residency status policy. For further information please click here.

  • Are you an experienced Registered Nurse new to the area of Mental Health and Addictions (NESP)?

    The ACE programme is for new graduate applicants only. However, if you are an experienced RN wanting to apply for a position on a NESP programme you should apply directly to the individual employers by contacting the NESP Coordinators (you can find their details in the employer information section of the ACE Nursing website).

  • New Zealand Immigration Visas & Health Workforce NZ Funding Criteria

    Permanent Resident Visa - Eligible

    Permanent Resident Visa 

    Returning Resident Visa - Eligible

    Returning Resident Visa 

    Resident Visa - NOT Eligible

    Resident Visa

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